Baker’s Joy Easy Baking Recipes

We encourage our baking community to share these unique Baker’s Joy easy baking recipes. Here you will find a variety of different kinds of recipes, from hearty baking recipes to classic homemade dessert favorites. We hope our baking recipes inspire you to be bold in the kitchen and confident in your home baked goods.

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  • Salted Caramel Brownies

    Something different that your taste buds and your guests will be impressed! Decadent chocolate, caramel and a touch…

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  • Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

    Pancakes with a delicious pumpkin flavor and other spices! Great for breakfast or brunch!

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  • Swedish Rum Cake

    When you think of Sweden, you think of very tall, blonde, attractive…cakes of course! With hints of dark…

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  • S’mores Squares

    Remember s’mores? They’re back and better than ever. This is a treat the whole family is sure to…

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  • Trail Mix Snack Bars

    Delicious snack bars for eat-on-the-go or any time of day! Also great for dessert.

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  • Tres Leche Cake

    A Latin-American favorite, brought home to your table! This Tres Leches cake will be sure to satisfy even…

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  • Whole Grain Banana Berry Muffins

    Whole grain muffins with banana and berry that the whole family will love!

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