No-Fat Way to Sauté Your Vegetables

There are a number of ways you can cut down the use of fat when cooking vegetables. Whether your health is dictating you reduce your calorie intake, or you’re just looking for simple reduced calorie options, preparing vegetables can be a snap. While more traditional recipes call for oil or butter as a base to… Read more »

Reduce Your Clean Up Time With Nonstick Baking and Cooking

Baker's Joy Baking Tip of the Month

Cooking and baking require the use of pans, casserole dishes, cookie sheets and pots that are all subject to caked on food and kitchen disasters. With so many choices of non-stick pans, sheets and other kitchen devices, it’s hard to tell what will work before you buy it. Fortunately, one product can reduce clean up… Read more »

The Joy of Baking

Baking with Grandma and Baker's Joy

Baking brings people together. It comforts, it entertains, it nourishes and delights. So what is it about baking that makes us feel so good? 1. Delicious Aromas There is almost nothing better than walking into a house that has fresh brownies, pie or other tasty foods baking. The warmth and scent instantly make any house… Read more »

How to Avoid Separation Anxiety…with Your Baked Goods, of Course

Cakes, cupcakes, breads and brownies— they’re much better in your mouth than stuck to the pan. Every baker dreads that moment of truth when trying to separate your cake or other item out of your pan. Separation anxiety, indeed! No one likes being left with cake in the pan and holes in your tasty, but now ugly,… Read more »

New Website Launch

We’re very proud to announce the launch of our new Baker’s Joy website!  We hope our new site will showcase low fat baking, low sodium baking, and low cholesterol baking ideas for you.  We have tips on baking substitutions to achieve the great taste and baking consistency you’re looking for.  Plus recipes, product information and… Read more »

Baker’s Joy on Dr. Oz

During a June airing of Dr. Oz, Baker’s Joy was considered the best cooking spray for baking. Baker’s Joy was defined as a cooking spray, that was a”combination of oil and flour, all in one.” “I like it because it saves time. Also, you can see exactly where it sprays in your pan,” said Allison… Read more »