How to Avoid Separation Anxiety…with Your Baked Goods, of Course

Apple_Sauce_Spice_CakesCakes, cupcakes, breads and brownies— they’re much better in your mouth than stuck to the pan. Every baker dreads that moment of truth when trying to separate your cake or other item out of your pan. Separation anxiety, indeed!

No one likes being left with cake in the pan and holes in your tasty, but now ugly, creation. Icing can only do so much to cover up the damage—though many of us have surely tried.

The best remedy for this sort of sticking is in the prep work—“an ounce of prevention” sort of thing.

Baker’s Joy non-stick spray with flour was made specifically to help ease baked goods away from their pans and ease your separation fears as well.

If you’re using Baker’s Joy, your first step is to shake the can well. This is important so you get an even spray. Next, hold the can about 6 inches from the pan and spray a light, even coat on all sides. You might find it’s best to move the pan around and keep the can steady. Experiment and see what works for you.

If you’re not using Baker’s Joy, then you’ll have to layer on two items—grease and flour. Spread the grease evenly around the pan as your recipe or baking instructions direct, then apply flour. You’ll need to do a little more work to even out the application—hold up the pan and tap the sides and shake to help distribute the flour.

And don’t forget, the other key to a perfect release is to observe the recommended cooling time. Patience is a virtue in baking, even when it’s hard to resist the delightful aroma drifting from your fresh-out-of-the-oven treat.

Happy baking!