The Joy of Baking

Baking with Grandma and Baker's JoyBaking brings people together. It comforts, it entertains, it nourishes and delights. So what is it about baking that makes us feel so good?

1. Delicious Aromas

There is almost nothing better than walking into a house that has fresh brownies, pie or other tasty foods baking. The warmth and scent instantly make any house feel like a welcome place to call home.

2. Physical Action of Hands-on Creation

Our bodies were meant to move—all parts. With baking, you use all sorts of different muscles in your core, hands, wrists, arms and even your legs. Baking requires thought, attention and deliberate action that helps focus your mind and squeeze out stress.

3. Togetherness and Teaching

Do you have kids? Siblings? Friends? Baking brings people together. It’s a fun activity to share and it’s so rewarding to pass along your favorite recipes and see your kids (or other loved ones) learn new things and become proud at their own accomplishments.

4. Satisfaction of Seeing and Tasting the Results

After all the work, after enjoying the scrumptious scents wafting through the air, you get to finally enjoy your creation. There’s only one thing better than tasting your own creation and loving it—watching someone else taste it and love it too.

And don’t forget, for perfect results, use Baker’s Joy spray to coat your Bundt pans and baking pans so that your tasty treats slide right out.

Anyone Can Bake!

The best part about baking is that anyone can do it. Start with taking a simple prepared mix off a store shelf. Usually, you just add eggs, oil or water and you’re on your way. When you’re feeling a bit more confident, try out different recipes. Get to know different ingredients, and as you enjoy more, learn more.

Once you become good at baking, pass on what you’ve learned to someone else. That’s how recipes change and grow over the years, and it’s how we develop stronger relationships too.